Abhishek Paul
1 min readFeb 23, 2018


Wouldn’t opinion / belief be a better word to use than “my version of the truth”? Opinions are loosely held and more open to change, whereas when I hold on to something as truth, don’t I become more emotionally invested and defensive? My opinion (:-))is that:

  1. objective truth / reality (the matrix) exists
  2. We grasp different aspects of this truth over time

The problem is when we take 2 and assume we have 1.

The matrix is 1.

Neo came to that realization through 2 (“a glitch in the matrix where a certain part of false reality breaks down”).

Now to understand 1 fully and live in that world, he needs the red pill — else he would’ve gone back to the illusory world (which could be multi levels, ie: personal narratives — generational narratives — social narratives, etc)