Why We “Don’t” Write — Pt 2

Abhishek Paul
1 min readMay 9, 2019

First stab at this questions is here.

Watching and experiencing this as part of a group of 15 makes the insights real and the understanding evolves as time goes by.

One member of our team has been consistently churning out blogs over the last few weeks, at the rate of 2 per day — this in addition to her regular work. Speaking to her, I observed something interesting — I noticed that she still has the same doubts about the quality of her writing, feedback from readers, etc that we all have. It doesn’t go away.

The difference I see between the (consistent) writers and others is not more confidence but rather writing despite their fears / excuses. Waiting for the fear to disappear or motivation to magically arrive is what is holding a lot of us back.

So the answer is obvious.