Why We “Don’t” Write

Abhishek Paul
1 min readMar 22, 2019

As we get to the half way mark in our 3rd edition of the 100 day writing challenge at OrangeScape, we seem to have gained clarity on why we as an organization are investing in this exercise. But what has continued to remain a nagging mystery is understanding why people don’t.

Rather than theorize about it, I spoke with folks who are part of our current challenge to share their experiences. Here are the major culprits:

5) I’m stuck in researching mode. I don’t feel like publishing it till I do some more research

4) I have topics, but my content is stuck. I am unable to proceed beyond a few ideas / sentences

3) I am conscious about what people will say, so I need more time to come up with better topics + content

2) I have so many ideas around this topic and I want to put everything into a single blog. This is making it a very long, tedious and exhausting process.

1)And the winner is everyone’s favourite — “I don’t have time”, “Other priorities take over”, etc.

The funny thing is that these seem obvious once you read them (there’s no mystery) and it seems to be a common phenomena. The hope is that once we have called out and labelled our reasons, we will find ways to work around them. Lets not let the obvious stop us from achieving something extraordinary!

Suggestions to overcome these are welcome. Use the comments section to share!