Where’s all the good music at? Pt 5 — The Covers

Abhishek Paul
4 min readApr 29, 2019


Covers come in all flavours, especially with the advent of reality music competitions — but I’ve been thrilled by some powerful renditions of classic songs. Most of my choices are live performances.

  1. Dirty Diana by Evanescence

The king of pop being covered by one of rock’s finest daughters. It’s interesting when a woman tries to cover a powerful man’s voice — you wonder whether the energy will still come through or would it sound forced. No worries here, Amy Lee kills it! The original version was by Michael Jackson.

2) Stayin’ Alive by Bruce Springsteen

This is as unlikely a cover as anything I’ve heard of. The boss covering a Bee Gees dance number in theory doesn’t sound great — theory sucks! Bruce’s version seems to dig deep into the emotions behind the lyrics than the original. Found this one recently — can’t stop listening!

The original was by Bee Gees for the movie Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta

3) Rocking in the Free World by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam has taken over this power packed anthem and made it their own. What’s more you have the original artiste Neil Young give his blessings by performing alongside them. The words of Neil, the voice of Eddie accompanied by the band add a delicious power packed punch.

This crowd ensemble version is also a great listen.

4) All Along the Watchtower by Dave Matthews Band

Not a band I normally listen to (or have wanted to) and was frankly wondering what they would add to one of the most popular songs written by Bob Dylan and performed by Jimi Hendrix — man did they bring it! This live version is arranged so beautifully that honours both of them.

5) Drive by Sixx A.M

Another cover that I just didn’t expect, a soft pop love song taken apart and amplified by the band. They left enough of the original in there so that we could literally feel the song take off and elevate to another level — this is the hallmark of a great cover.

Original version was by The Cars.

6) Rollin by Robbie Williams

If there ever was a cover made for the artist, it is this one. The man is a born entertainer and he absolutely owns this performance!

Original version was by Limp Bizkit

7) Sound of Silence by Disturbed

I just have to stop saying this, but Disturbed covering Simon & Garfunkel? Really? Credit to them to show their respect to the original by keeping the soul of the song in their rendition.

8) Live and Let Die by Guns N’ Roses

Who can possibly make The Beatles sound better, enter GNR. Having Axl, Slash and company at the peak of their powers made this great song into a classic.

9) Hurt by Johnny Cash

This is the reverse, a legend covering a great band (Nine Inch Nails). Somehow you just believe this song was written just for Cash.