Where’s all the Good Music at? Pt 4 — The Hidden Gems

Abhishek Paul
4 min readMar 18, 2019

While the classic rock programs on radio and MTV (back when it used to play good music) used to give some airplay to rock music, they just keep circulating the same songs over and over (not even different songs by the same artists). There’s so much great stuff out there that I realized I’ve missed out on. But there’s a silver lining, there’s so much for me to still discover and be blown over by. The powerful live performances, lyrics that cut through and the multiple interpretations of these songs just blow me away every time. Here’s a taste and I hope you get to experience a bit of it.

Disclaimer: Calling these artistes “hidden gems” is almost sacrilegious. I just wanted to highlight the fact that there are so many who haven’t been exposed to their genius.

  1. Nobody Left to Run With Anymore / Seven Turns by The Allman Brothers:

People will recognize their riff (Jessica) which was used by Top Gear for years as their opening credits even if they haven’t heard of the band. Founded by Duane Allman, a guitarist whom some have ranked 2nd only to Hendrix and highly rated by people like Eric Clapton, this band has a lovely 70s rock feel permeating through every song.

2. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Imagine breaking up with your girlfriend, writing a song about it and then not only have her sing it on an album, but also continue to perform it together for years live in front of huge crowds — that’s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham for you. This recent live version is my favourite.

3. Valerie by Steve Winwood

Another underrated musician given his unassuming personality, almost the antithesis of a rock star. A genius nevertheless with a voice that reaches your soul.

4. The Last Unicorn / Ventura Highway by America

So many great songs to pick from. Their greatest hits album has 3 CDs, each with its own collection of gems. I love the atmosphere their songs create even to this day.

5. Burning For You by Blue Oyster Cult

Just some good old Rock n’ Roll.

6. Keep on Rocking in The Free World by Neil Young / Pearl Jam

One of the best live versions of a powerful classic rock anthem. Pearl Jam do justice to Uncle Neil — he’s no slouch either despite his age. This version I found today gives it a run for its money, just see the talent on display!

7. Refugee by Tom Petty

The man has a style that is just his own

8. Angry Young Man (Fooling Yourself) by Styx

Another band that I can just listen to, any song, anytime.

9. Ariel by Rainbow

I’ve chosen the version by Blackmore’s Night. This is what a great rock song / artist should be capable of — being interpreted so differently yet not losing the essence or impact. Plus you have Ritchie on guitars.

10 Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

Another relatively unknown genius. His voice, music and lyrics deserve so much more. I’m glad I found him.