What Great Teams Do

Abhishek Paul
1 min readMay 14, 2019

When you try to describe a perfect / high functioning team, you end up generalizing it so much that it ends up as a bunch of jargons or motherhood statements.

This is a simple clip that shows how teams can impact the individual.

  1. The standards are not lowered
  2. The leader doesn’t dismiss the student at the first, second or even sign of failure — as long as the effort is there
  3. The leader tries different ways of pushing the student
  4. The team does not laugh or abandon their team mate when he fails repeatedly and is reduced to tears
  5. The team comes together to cheer and push him to achieve
  6. The team is happiest to see the success of the individual

In the end, the student is still crying, but for a whole different reason.