Tim Kennedy Binge

Abhishek Paul
2 min readMay 17, 2019

2 podcasts with great energy, authenticity and a whole lot of truth about putting in the work, serving a higher cause.

The Jocko Wilink podcast is here.

The Tim Ferriss podcast is here.

“Humility is the most characteristic of a person/leader. The moment I stop being humble is the moment I stop learning, stop doing the hard work needed, stop showing up. Be humble or get humbled.” — Jocko Wilink (JW)

“Everything you want is on the far side of hard work.” — Tim Kennedy (TK)

‘Stop being afraid of hard work.” — TK

“You need to have put in the work to deserve a rest day, otherwise just get out.” — TK

“I like to carry 20 grenades in my backpack, cos sometimes I’m gonna flash bang this room and sometimes I’m gonna like frag it, cos I don’t wanna deal with what’s inside.” — TK

“I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.” — TK

“Discipline = Freedom” — JW

“For freedom to be real, individual responsibility is needed. You need to take the work and do the work.” — TK

“The sheepdog is cursed and blessed with the capacity for violence and a profound love for the flock. That is what makes the warrior different from the wolf.” — TK

“Nobody likes the warrior until the enemy is at the gate.”. “I lived by that gate. I like the warrior!”

“The grind is what sharpens the axe. The toil is what makes the man. Keep grinding, keep toiling, go to bed late, get up early and have fun doing it!” -JW

“I got my leg sliced open on the side of a boat after I smashed a window with a tomahawk.” — TK