The Little Things pt 2: The Not So Insignificant Dots

Abhishek Paul
1 min readNov 15, 2018

“You can connect the dots only by looking back.” — Steve Jobs, 2005 (Stanford University commencement speech)

I understood something new about this statement recently — I can make the connection later only if I had put down the dots earlier (today) in the first place, else I am left with nothing to connect.

We are all so focussed on getting the idealized final picture that we fail to put in the effort on putting that dots down in the present. The dots will by definition seem small, easy to dismiss and postpone acting on — no one will question us. The dots are the non glamorous, low pay off and low visibility activities.

It’s about finding satisfaction and joy in doing one’s daily duty — as a husband, father, friend or colleague. It has nothing to do with recognition or rewards. It’s being disciplined in doing the daily grunt work without resentment when no one says, “well done” or even if people complain. It’s about showing our gratitude and contentment through our actions not just words — it becomes a lifestyle not an act.

The dots reflect and shape our character. What dots are you putting down today?