Perspectives, Making a Difference, etc, etc

Abhishek Paul
2 min readNov 12, 2022

At Kissflow we come together every Friday evening to connect, learn and celebrate, a ritual fondly called “Good to Great” or “G2G” (after the book by Jim Collins). We make it a point to do things with a holistic and long term mindset (no random engagement activities nor role specific speeches / talks — teams can do this at their own time). Given this objective we never know what we end up learning — about ideas or our own people. This Friday was one such day.

Sometimes we get so caught up with our daily to-do lists, the inconveniences and issues that we lose perspective of how there are so many people who not just face unimaginable challenges but endure it throughout their lives with minimal support.

So having Anuraag Xavier share the work his father has been doing for over 25 years in taking care of the differently abled, underprivileged children and adults was such an eye opener. This wasn’t about making us feel guilty or feel sympathetic but about showing what can be done to effect real change in the lives of those who need it the most — the ones whom we (not society) have neglected.

Do watch this brief video sharing the powerful and moving story.

Needless to say his story touched a lot of us and gave us much needed perspective. I’m grateful to be part of an org that makes time and space for such stories to be shared on a regular basis.

Here’s to more perspectives that matter.