“I Did it My Way” # 2 — Of Awards and Trophies

Abhishek Paul
2 min readJul 28, 2022

Part 1 of the series is here.

One of the integral parts of any awards event, yet often overlooked are the trophies — people just choose from the best available according to the budget and then hand it over to the admin team for coordinating its delivery. The idea that this could be a work of art that could stand out in the winners’ and others minds is not factored in the decision , at least not in terms of the time spent — something that we have been guilty of as well.

This time at our annual awards (Altius ’22) we wanted to have something elegant, unique and memorable. So we had our design team working with us right from the beginning — we could share our vision and they could enhance it with their aesthetics in a seamless collaborative process. The decision on fonts, colours, size and so many more seemingly insignificant items we discussed directly with the vendor also in person.

The frustrations, lack of options did come up in the beginning, but once we got through it, all of us were able to align on the need to design something that would be very different from what has been in the industry — something that should set a benchmark.

After many many discussions, back and forth and last minute tension (the trophies arrived only at 12 noon for the event which had begun by 11 a.m), we were able to come up with these beautiful pieces. This is again something I am super proud of and it occupies a prominent place in our company’s wall. Just goes to show that budget and time constraints are just excuses to cover a lack of vision / intention.

Until next time ……….