Hurry Up and Fail

Abhishek Paul
1 min readMay 16, 2019

People (read “me”) say that they don’t have time, or feel they’re not talented (or) interested, but the truth is we’re afraid.

We’re afraid that we might fail, that we might suck, that we will look stupid in front of others, that we might give up and earn a reputation as a quitter.

So we stay comfortable, we protect our carefully manicured image, make excuses for why “it” is a bad idea to begin with, we stagnate, we become resentful, we take it out on others — we breed negativity, we end up thinking of what could’ve, should’ve been done. We become victims.

Alternate ending: Embrace failure everyday, in the gym, in your work, in your thinking, in your relationships — keep moving that wall of “failure” further and further away everyday.

Note: Inspired by Tim Kennedy on the Time Ferriss podacast.