Cultural Trends 2019: Webinar — Review

Abhishek Paul
2 min readDec 5, 2018

I listened to an interesting webinar this morning on “Cultural Trends of 2019” presented by Chris Drysdale and Karan Bhasin from O.C Tanner. While they called out 5 key trends for the upcoming year, I wanted to get deeper into the ones that resonated strongly with the work we’re involved in at OrangeScape.

Let’s begin with the classic bad guy, ie, Continuous Performance Management.

Performance reviews are not going to die despite what some big companies are promising (“A rose by any other name is still a rose”). But what is changing is that they cannot be the only (or even primary) form of feedback. Other options that need to be leveraged more consistently are quarterly reviews, daily conversations and 1on1s.

Now for some interesting numbers — when we use only 1 method to manage performance there is decrease in performance levels. When 2 methods are combined, there is a 44% increase in the individual’s feeling of success and when 3 are combined there is a whooping 104% increase!

This new model also leads to an increased feeling of the employee:

1) being connected to the leaders

2) more in control of their work / career

3) perception that performance is being fairly assessed and

4) being inspired to work on the company goals

1 on 1s are still the most potent weapon when it comes to performance management. It combines mentorship with recognition and helps connect the employees with key organizational goals. The employee feels more included, removes any confusion and any sense of feeling uncared for (as a person) or that their work is not being valued.

By using as many methods as possible, the employee is not just receiving regular feedback but also recognition, timely identification of new opportunities for growth and being shown through the investment of time that he is cared for as a person by his manager and the company.

There is no shortcut. More to follow.