An Aha Moment

Abhishek Paul
2 min readJul 12, 2019

Every problem has a solution” — this statement keeps ringing in my head whenever I’m faced an issue or when others share theirs. I’ve learnt (slowly) to make it a point to not say this mantra out loud to them … least not initially. But saying this silently to myself gives me reason to pause and not react or stress (too much).

Making connections is something that I’m beginning to enjoy a lot more, be it people or ideas ….the best is people with ideas. By connections I don’t mean something new, but connecting the new/current to something else in the past. It’ll make sense when I go back to my mantra.

Stephen Covey spoke of the key difference between a reactive and a proactive person. He used the circles of concern & influence to drive the message home and gave us a visual that’s stood the test of time. This is link 1.

At OrangeScape, we co-created our core values mid 2017. The first one is “Bias to Action”, a principle that values action over inertia / endless deliberation, you get your jollies only by doing something, anything, irrespective of the result (using good judgement of course). No points for “tawking”, however clever it may sound.This is link 2.

Each of these principles are true and can create change by themselves, but it’s when we connect them together and see the interplay do we really unleash a significant force on the issue(s). This is what makes it more than a fad/hack or get rich/fit quickly schemes and elevates it to a timeless principle, maybe even more significantly can bring about change in the individual’s daily life beyond mere intellectual gorging.