A Higher Calling

Abhishek Paul
2 min readMar 27, 2019

Why are you so into this woman when you could be practicing your fencing?” — Mercutio to Romeo (Romeo & Juliet)

The idea of being driven by a higher purpose filled with challenges, uncertainty and even danger (financial, emotional if not physical) is finding its resurgence in culture today in the “Warrior Monk” archetype. The claim is that men (specifically) are seeking something much beyond what Amazon sells or Netflix shows.They are bored of evenings / weekends binging on the latest shows, buying things that disappoint the moment you open the box, or even swiping left/right to find love (or whatever else). They have come to the slow realization that what they truly seek cannot be bought or even rented in a gig economy, that convenience and novelty in themselves do not mean much.

They long to be tested to see what they’re capable of, to dedicate themselves to a cause that is worthy of the best years of their lives, to master skills to create a “dent in the universe” and not simple to entertain / garner praise.

“The dream is fading, now I’m staring at the door

I know its over cause my feet have hit the cold floor

Check my reflection, I ain’t feelin what I see

It’s no mystery

Whatever happened to a passion I could live for

What became of the flame that made me feel more

And when did I forget

The dream’s alive with my eyes opened wide

Back in the ring you’ve got me swinging for the grand prize

I feel the haters spittin, vapors on my dreams

But I still believe

I’m reachin’ out, reachin’ up, reachin’ over”

Made to Love by Toby Mac