A Father’s Love ……Unleashed

Abhishek Paul
3 min readMar 23, 2018

I’m still surprised how Daniel Day Lewis agreed to star in The Last of the Mohicans, but as someone who has watched (still continues to) the movie multiple times, I’m glad he did!

It is not his role that hits me these days though, that place goes to his adopted father “Chief Chingachgook”. He is a peripheral character for most of the movie, the silent, soft and wise older warrior who watches on as his 2 sons do battle. They are younger, faster, more powerful. They grab your attention, the father melts into the background, you feel he’s slowing them down.

All of that changes as the story reaches its climax when his younger son’s (Uncas) love is dragged away by a small army of Huran soldiers. There is no strategy discussed, no well laid plans to recapture her, it is basically a suicide mission that his son wants to attempt. Yet no words are exchanged between father and son. A simple hand on the shoulder and look, maybe the slightest of nods and the son takes off. Somethings should remain unsaid.

The next time you see the father is his anguished face and a muted scream as he sees his son’s lifeless body being thrown off the mountain.

What follows next always blows me away. The slow, gentle, calm older father launches into a full on assault of the enemy. An enemy let’s not forget that had just taken out his younger (seemingly stronger) son. Daniel Day Lewis’s character, the hero, is left chasing his father, trying desperately to keep up.

The old warrior doesn’t seem slow or weak anymore and in a single smooth motion cripples the man who killed his son. There is no long drawn out battle or speech, yet there is no mercy either. The father methodically and brutally dispatches the enemy. While his face still does not betray much emotion, I could feel his wrath and sorrow pour out through each powerful and deliberate stroke of his blade.

Maybe I’ve underestimated the fierceness of a father’s love. I have been very lucky to have had a great father — a smart, funny, generous gentleman who was courageous /bold to always do things his way. But I now know that underneath all that was the heart and strength of a warrior — protector under whose care I grew strong and safe.

Thank you dad, I’m sorry I never got to say this when you were around. Until we meet again!

PS: The song “No Matter You Go I will find you” from its soundtrack is worth a listen!