A Depression Playlist

Abhishek Paul
2 min readMar 15, 2023

Sometimes the lyrics of a song articulate so beautifully and powerfully what’s going on in your head. This is especially true when you’re stuck in a phase when your mind is not cooperating or worse, it is actively working against you — you need an external voice to quieten the voices in your head.

Here’s some that have helped and continue to be a support system whenever I feel slipping into the dark corners of my mind……I hope that if you are in a similar place, that they might bring you some comfort too. I must emphasise that the best way is to seek help — either a trusted partner/friend or professional. You are not alone despite how you feel or what you believe now.

  1. Lean on Me by Bill Withers
  2. Lost by Robbie Williams
  3. Better Man by Robbie Williams
  4. Hold the Light by Dierks Bentley
  5. Once by Liam Gallagher
  6. Heavy by Linkin Park
  7. Unwell by Matchbox 20
  8. Go Insane by Lindsey Buckingham
  9. Sound of Silence by S&G and Disturbed
  10. I’ll be holding on by Greg Allman
  11. Man in the Wilderness by Styx
  12. Strong by Robbie Williams
  13. Feel by Robbie Williams
  14. Bent by Matchbox 20
  15. Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
  16. Nobody Told Me by John Lennon
  17. I dreamed a dream by Mandy Pantikin and Les Miserables
  18. A man I’ll never be by Boston
  19. These Days by Bon Jovi
  20. Take on me by A-ha
  21. Hey God by Bon Jovi
  22. Wish you were here by Dropkick Murphys
  23. The Older I Get by Alan Jackson
  24. Be Kind to Yourself by Andrew Jackson
  25. Human Touch by Jackson Browne

This is a list that I will keep adding on to. Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments.